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About Us

Welcome to Lamination Station!

Founded in 1987, the Lamination Station has grown from a small family
owned business offering just a few products to local businesses, to a
business selling online, by mail-order and phone, with over 10,000
products, to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Still owned
by the same original family that founded the business, we are committed
to offering our customers great value and excellent customer service
that was our cornerstone philosophy. You will get to talk to a live
human being when you contact us, that is actually located in the USA,
and that has knowledge of the products we sell. If you have a
question, we are here for you. If you have a problem, we will do our
best to solve it for you. And lastly, if there is ever a mistake made,
we're human so sometimes it happens, we will go out of our way to
correct the problem and make things right!

In addition to providing our customers with thousands of office
products, we also have a Lamination Service Department where we
laminate various items shipped into us by printers & manufacturers
nationwide. Yes, we are a "brick & mortar" business that exists with
more than just a PO Box and someone drop shipping your products from
who knows where. We stock 90% of the products we offer, so when you
call and we tell you the products you are ordering are in-stock, they
are actually in-stock! If not, we'll tell you that too and give you
an estimated arrival date. We treat our customers the same way we
ourselves would like to be treated as the customer.

We look forward to servicing your needs, whatever they may be,
whether you are a first time customer or you have ordered for years,
with our same high level of customer service and friendly manner.
The Lamination Station takes pride in the Service and Commitment that
keeps our customers coming back!

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