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In-House Laminating Service by Lamination 
		Station, Inc.

Please complete an estimate request and we will send you a detailed estimate.

Click below to send an Estimate Request:

Need your items printed too? We offer full digital & offset printing services! Simply send us your print ready graphic setup files and we'll print everything for you too!

For more information on printing, click here - PRINTING INFO

Two-Sided Laminating

PERFECT FOR: Printed products that need to be durable, waterproof and air-tight. Laminating brings out the best in your printed products!


Menus Posters Name Tags Charts Maps

Books Signs Write-on/Wipe-off Surfaces

POP Displays Rolodex Cards Business Cards

  • Clear polyester – high-gloss, durable and scratch resistant. - Available in 1.5Mil, 3.0Mil, 5.0Mil, 7.0Mil, and 10.0Mil.
  • Matte-finish polyester – low-gloss, durable and great for readability. - Available in 1.7Mil, 3.0Mil, 5.0Mil and 10.0Mil.
  • Scuff Resistant Matte polyester – no gloss, scuff resistant, "velvet" or "soft touch" feel and great for readability. - Available in 3.0Mil, 5.0Mil, and 10Mil.
  • OPP– high-gloss, write-on/wipe-off surface with dry erase markers. - Available in 1.2Mil, 3.0Mil and 5.0Mil. Also available in 1.2Mil Matte.

  • EDGE TRIM OPTIONS: Flush Cut, Edge Sealed (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"), Varied Margin Seal, Round Corners, Square Corners.

    POST LAMINATION SERVICE OPTIONS: Heat folding (menus, pop displays), Hole Drilling, Comb Binding, Plastic Coil Binding, Wire Binding, Eyeletting, Grommets, Collating, Easels and More!

    Please complete an estimate request and we will send you a detailed estimate.

    Click below to send an Estimate Request:

    A Service Order OR Lamination Station Estimate must be submitted with each job shipped/mailed in for Finishing Services. Click the below link to download our Service Order form in Adobe Acrobat format:
    Finishing Services Order
    click here to download a Service Order Form!

    How to Proceed?
    1. Let us handle your job from start to finish! Alleviate all those concerns about paper weight, lamination thickness, finishing options, etc. and simply contact the experts at Lamination Station. We'll take your prepared graphics setup file and print, laminate, drill, fold, bind, you name it!
      Simply complete an Finishing Services Estimate Request Form and we'll take it from there!
      You can also contact us via email for a Print & Finishing Estimate at:

    2. OR, if you already have your printed items ready to laminate to send us or you plan on having them printed by your local printer, we can give you some recommendations: For best end products, print on a minimum of 70lb Uncoated Digital Text, 100lb Gloss (coated) Text or 80lb Gloss (coated) Cover. Paper weights lighter or thinner than recommended do not typically laminate well & will have a tendency to not lay flat or cause rippling, wrinkling or 'potato chipping' in the final product. "A good start makes for a good finish!" NOTE: Items sent in on substandard or thin paper may be refused for laminating services as they likely can and will be ruined in the process of laminating. We really don't care to put out low quality work.

    3. Print out our Service Order Form & fill it out completely so we know how to finish your items. Items received w/o a Service Order Form will not be entered into the production cycle. Avoid unnecessary delays, don't forget to submit your completed Service Order Form.

    4. Package your printed items in a box that fits them tightly, then place that box inside a shipping carton allowing for a minimum of 2" of cushioning all around the box your printed items are in - this is required to prevent damage in-transit of your items. We do not recommend shipping your printed items in a bag mailer or bubble pack or envelope for shipping to us as they will more than likely arrive damaged and we will not be able laminate them - lamination cannot make a good product from product received damaged (bent corners, folded over, wrinkled, scuff damage, etc.)

    5. Place your completed Service Order Form either on top of your printed items in the shipping carton or in a packing list envelope on the outside of the shipping carton.

    6. We strongly advise against sending any payment information with your paper items, we will contact you for payment information once we receive your order.

    7. Once we receive your job for finishing, we will check to see if we have any questions and assign a production start date, typically the day after your job is received.

    8. At this time if we have any questions/concerns we will contact you and we will also contact you for payment information and give you an estimated completion date & ship date.

    9. Once your job is completed, we will process your invoice and send you a copy via email along with shipping information & tracking information.

    10. Be sure to note on the Service Order Form if any special shipping instructions are required such as Next Day Air shipping options or drop shipping to an alternate address, etc.

    If you have any questions at all, please email us!

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